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Maahi Gujar

Maahi a carefree, friendly, and hard-working video editor of our family. He has his own way to edit video and convert them into polished cinematography. Give him an unorganized…

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Bhupi Jangra

Bhupendra is the youngest member of our team with kindness and friendly nature as his lovely characteristics. He is a Self-made photographer who from a young age has immersed…

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Saurabh Sharma

The most important thing in Traditional photography is the engagement of a photographer with the people while capturing their moments into the camera. Saurabh’s friendly approach towards the guests…

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Anil Thakran

Anil Thakran works as an editor for Khurana Filmography. Without stories none of the videos gets complete and therefore When it comes to telling a story, we couldn’t get…

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Gaurav Singh

Gaurav is known for creating enchantment in the videos. Every cinematography that we put our efforts on is useless until a scriptwriter and director come. He has experience working…

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Nidhi has been passionate since her childhood. She started teaching dance to kids since she was a teenager herself. In between her busy schedule, she developed a keen interest…

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Govind Khurana - Lead Photographer

Govind Khurana

Govind Khurana’s journey started at a young age when he joined his father. He started working as an errand boy for his father to deliver photos to the clients…

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Pooja Khurana - Event & Club Photographer

Pooja Khurana

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Gopal Khurana - Lead Cinematographer & Videographer

Gopal Khurana

As the saying goes, “one should always follow what makes them happy”. That’s what Gopal Khurana chose to do for himself. Being an engineer and having a reputed job…

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